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Commercial Floor Coating

Want to get rid of your ugly, plain concrete? Give us a call!

Atlas Coating staffs has assisted a wide range of retail, industrial and institutional customers to get the greatest value for their commercial flooring investment. No one solution is right for every application. Our flooring experts work directly with you or your architect to understand your unique situation.

Do it right the first time! Picking the correct commercial floor coating system can save money, ease cleaning efforts and reduce long-term maintenance.

Our floors are resistant to chemicals, solvents, grease and oils. We can install covings and apply the coating up the wall, eliminating joints between the wall and floor for a more hygienic finish.

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Features & Benefits of commercial epoxy floors:

  • Virtually limitless colour and texture combination 
  • visual appeal that helps to hide dirt, debris and years of use
  • Wax free and easy to upkeep with soap & water
  • Cost effective alternative to other type of floors
  • Strong, Non-Slip Surface
  • Hard Wearing Durable Floor
  • Chemical Resistant